About Made Of Australia

Whether you are looking for understated elegance or provocative intensity, Made OF Australia will create the perfect piece for your space, with shades ranging from subtle earth tones, sophisticated greys & blacks, to dramatic pinks, oranges & reds; all created using their unique signature firing process. Saggar Firing is an ancient firing technique which utilises foraged indidenous organic waste matter abandoned by native Australian flora & fauna; vaporising at high temperatures, these materials permeate the surface of the clay with striking colour, pattern & texture derived completely from the natural environment, without the use of glazes. Made OF Australia harnesses the elements of earth, wind, fire & water to bring you impressive standalone statement pieces to captivate any visitor. Each piece created with their unrepeatable & unorthadox firing method is as unique & individual as the observer, each piece, literally, Made OF Australia

Producing one-off & bespoke vessels & sculptural works for discerning homes, offices, meeting places, reception areas, creative zones & indeed any interior that requires a focal point or visual lift since 2012, Made OF Australia's organic forms complement any modern space, & bring a grounding presence to any room. Run by founding artist Anna-Marie Wallace (formally trained in Industrial Design & Ceramics) from her studio in the northern New South Wales hinterland, drawing on her 20+ years of experience in creative industries here & internationally. Each piece is a statement in slow design, expertly concieved & handcrafted from the Australian landscape & finished with careful attention to detail.

Made OF Australia also produce functional tableware & jewellery that speak of the earth from which it was crafted, the perfect corporate gift for visiting internationals; a piece of Australia to take home.